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Download our app to buy tickets and receive loyalty benefits and unique offers. The simplest and most seamless way to visit your favourite activity centre!

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Here's how it works

Our app simplifies the process of buying tickets and enter your favourite activity center. Less time getting in means more time for fun! Find information about our opening hours and prices, buy tickets, see active tickets and your order history, and receive unique offers only availbale via the app, such as our popular come back tickets.

Eventually the Funplays app will your ticket to our unique loyalty program "Funplays Family". A family can share their membership level, and all purchases within such a family will collectively earn points towards their loyalty group. When reaching certain point intervals, you will receive gifts and discounts unique to the particular loyalty membership level. The loyalty program is not yet launched, but is expected to do so later this year. Stay tuned!

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Digital tickets, easy to find, and share!

No more fiddling or misplacing of physical tickets. Get full control over all your active tickets in one place. All adult members of the same Family Group will have access to the come back tickets purchased by any member, and they can even be shared with other members outside of your Group directly in case someone else is bringing your kids to Funplays! Simple, safe and convenient!

More features coming soon!

We plan to continuously update our app going forward. Our Loyalty Program will be the first major update, and it will likely be improved with new unique perks and benefits over time. Our wishlist for the future also include ordering food and drink from our kitchen, better information about events, birthday parties and the list goes on and on... If you have any great ideas for something you wish to see in our app, please send us an email to [email protected] with your suggestions!

Frequently Asked Questions!

We have gathered some of the most common questions related to our app below.

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Do not hesitate to get in touch. Send us an email at [email protected].

What features are supported in the first version?

The initial version has support for ordering and paying for single tickets, come back tickets, browse order history and active tickets, scanning tickets digitally and see information for all of Funplays’ activity centres. Food ordering and the Loyalty Program “Funplays family” is not supported (yet).

Not receiving the one-time code during login?

Please make sure the correct country code is selected and that the phone number is typed correctly. If the app does not show any error messages, it might be that our SMS service is having trouble. Please try again later

What payment methods are supported?

Our app supports credit cards in all countries (Visa and MC) as well as Swish (Sweden), Vipps (Norway), and MobilePay (Denmark).

I can’t find where to buy come back tickets?

Come back ticket offers are shown at the top of the Home Screen for 24h after a regular Single Ticket (Child 1-17) ticket has been spent (successfully scanned at an activity centre).

Why can’t I buy multiple come-back tickets?

Come back tickets are limited to 1 per child at the same activity centre at a time, and you are only offered one come back ticket per single ticket spent. E.g. if you bought one single ticket for Child 1, you will not offered to buy come back tickets for both Child 1 and Child 2.

Visit us in Sweden, Norway & Denmark.

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