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Funplays, then called Busfabriken, was founded in 2006 with the aim of getting children and young people moving through play and mischief. Today, Funplays has 13 activity centers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Thanks to an inclusive and inspiring environment, where imagination and dreams can take place, Funplays has become one of the most popular activity centers in the Nordics. In the spring of 2023, Busfabriken changed its name to Funplays.


At Funplays, all people, regardless of age, should feel safe to be themselves. Movement and community are at the center of Funplays, so that the whole person – body and mind – will be strengthened and feel good.

Jobs and career

At Funplays, we call the employees heroes, because they have the superpower to help, inspire and give courage to our guests. It is just as important that our Funplays Heroes enjoy themselves and have a good working environment, as that the guests have a fun and memorable moment.

Do you want to become one of our 400 Funplay heroes? Contact [email protected].

Safety first!

To be able to play freely, both guests and staff need to feel safe and secure. At Funplays, we have strict safety procedures in place

  • fire safety
  • food hygiene
  • play safety

Our play attractions are continuously examined by our Funplays Heroes the responsible suppliers, to check current quality and possible wear.

If you have questions or thoughts about our security, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Cleaning routines in the premises of possibilities

At Funplays, every corner has the potential to become anything - in the imagination. The floor can become a rolling sea, the walls become a secret fort and the doors pirate sails. Not to mention the slides, trampolines, climbing walls, pirate ships, bike lanes and all the other fun available at our activity centers. In order for the play to live its own life without restrictions, the hygiene of the premises is crucial at Funplays.

Daily, weekly and monthly cleaning

Our cleaning routines are managed continuously throughout the day by our knowledgeable staff, who also carry out extra thorough cleaning every week.

If you have questions about our cleaning routines, please contact our Funplays heroes or [email protected].

Visit us in Sweden, Norway & Denmark.

Funplays, Telegrafvej 2, 2750 Ballerup

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